As an authorized dog breeder, I will provide You on line with all informations about my kennel and my Russian Black Terriers.

I am checked member in:

German Terrier Club(KFT) and
VDH (The Central German Institution for Dogs). Register in FCI.

In a short overview, all about my kennel:

We started operations in Spring 2005. You may find us in Forstern in the district of Erding next to Munich. We are Family Private Breeders.

I will try on this Homepage to keep You in line with the latest news. The main subject will be all around my Black Terriers. I wish You a nice informative tour.

You are welcome home. We are always available by phone and by Fax. I will read Your impressions with pleasure on my Guest-Book. If You may have any question You also can reach us on the following Email.

You can reach me on telefon ore telefax. You can also send me a E-mail


Now, I wish you a lot of fun in your discovery. As you were pleased to find these pages most instructives, do not forget to give your impressions in our guestbook, and further recommand our dogs in your circle of friends.

I am very happy to meet you on my website
about the "Black Russian Terrier"

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My kennel is named: "Zlato s Bavarskogo Dvora"

that means: "Treasure of the Bavarian Court"

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